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Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Manchester, NH

At Smiles by Design, under the expert guidance of Dr. Sree Raman, we specialize in addressing a critical sleep problem that impacts countless lives: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This condition, marked by frequent pauses in breathing during sleep, extends beyond mere snoring concerns. It poses a considerable obstacle to rejuvenating sleep, triggering a series of health complications if left unaddressed. Our dental office in Manchester, NH, is at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions to this pervasive sleep disorder.

Understanding the Causes of OSA

The root causes of OSA are varied, ranging from anatomical differences that narrow the airway to factors like obesity, which increases the likelihood of airway obstruction during sleep. We dive deep into each patient’s unique situation to uncover the specific contributors to their OSA. This personalized approach ensures that we treat the symptoms and address the underlying causes, paving the way for more effective and lasting solutions.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of OSA

Recognizing the symptoms of OSA is the first step toward reclaiming a good night’s sleep. These symptoms often include loud snoring, sudden awakenings, gasping or choking sensations, and excessive daytime sleepiness. At our dental office, employs the latest diagnostic tools to accurately identify OSA, using detailed sleep studies and evaluations to craft a precise picture of each patient’s condition.

The Health Risks of Untreated OSA

Ignoring OSA can lead to far-reaching health consequences, from heightened risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension to challenges with mood regulation and cognitive function. Our aims to illuminate these risks for our patients, underscoring the critical nature of timely treatment. By addressing OSA, we improve sleep quality and safeguard our patients’ overall health and well-being.

Treatment Options for OSA

We offer a spectrum of treatment options tailored to each case’s severity and each patient’s lifestyle. From custom-fitted oral appliances designed to keep the airway open during sleep to recommendations for CPAP therapy and lifestyle modifications, Dr. Sree Raman and our team ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate and effective treatment. Our holistic approach extends beyond immediate symptom relief, aiming to provide a permanent solution to this disruptive sleep problem.

Getting Started with OSA Treatment

Embarking on the journey to better sleep and health begins with a visit us. Dr. Sree Raman invites anyone struggling with snoring or other signs of sleep apnea to schedule a consultation at our dental office. With a thorough assessment and a compassionate, patient-centered approach, we are dedicated to crafting personalized treatment plans that address the symptoms of OSA and its root causes. Contact us today to take the first step towards a healthier, more restful night’s sleep.

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