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Oral Cancer Screenings in Manchester, NH

Your next in-office dental examination may include a screening for oral cancer. Oral cancer is considered any cancer that affects the areas inside the mouth, sinuses, and throat. Like many other cancers, oral cancer can be life-threatening if it goes undetected and untreated. That’s why oral cancer screenings in Manchester, NH, are a vital part of professional dental exams. We proud to offer these screenings for patients with our dentists near you.

Oral Cancer Screenings

It’s very difficult for patients to screen themselves for symptoms of oral cancer. Often, this type of cancer appears as small growths or sores in the oral cavity that don’t go away. Since patients aren’t as equipped as professionals to thoroughly check our mouths, throats, sinuses, etc., for these growths or sores, it’s unlikely that patients will detect any symptoms.

During a routine dental examination, our dental care team has the opportunity to screen patients professionally for signs of oral cancer. Our dentists will thoroughly check all areas inside your mouth and throat as well as feel your neck, jaw, and other orofacial areas. If any sign of oral cancer is present, this early detection can lead to a proper diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Ways to Help Prevent Oral Cancer

There are some ways that patients can help prevent oral cancer. One of the major risk factors that can influence oral cancer is smoking or the use of tobacco products. Therefore, it’s important to avoid tobacco in any form. In addition, patients should eat a well-balanced diet and drink alcohol only in moderation. Limiting sun exposure by wearing sun protection on your skin and lips is another way to help prevent oral cancer. Of course, there is no sure method of preventing this type of cancer. However, taking every precaution can reduce your risk of developing oral cancer.

The health of your teeth and gums is important, of course, but our dentists in Manchester, NH, have your overall oral health in mind. Contact our dental care office for more information about oral cancer screenings near you. Smiles by Design is proud to offer screenings for early detection of oral cancer.

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