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Sealants in Manchester, NH

Children are not known to be role models for brushing their teeth, which is why they often get cavities. Fortunately, our dentist in Manchester, NH, can easily prevent tooth decay by applying dental sealants to their teeth. Here’s what parents should know about sealing their children’s teeth and tooth protection.

What is a Sealant Dentistry?

A sealant is a liquid that our dentist at Smiles by Design applies to young patients’ teeth so that cavities don’t develop. As the liquid dries with the aid of a curing light, it transforms into a plastic seal around the teeth with pits and grooves in them. Premolars and molars have cuspids and bicuspids that can bite into the meat, help tear it into smaller pieces, and chew it until it’s digestible.

Sealants prevent food particles and liquid residue from sticking between teeth, which are difficult to remove by brushing or flossing. When they’re stuck, they will break down, and the bacteria and acids that emanate from them can start eating at tooth enamel, causing cavities. By preventing this problem, children’s teeth stay healthy for many years.

How Effective is a Sealant?

After applying a sealant to their teeth, this preventive stops about 80 percent of children’s cavities the first two years they have it. Afterward, it keeps 50 percent more from forming for another two years. While five years is the average life of a sealant, some are known to last for up to nine years before falling apart.

If a seal gets a rip or tear in it, or it does fall out, it is easy for our family dentist to repair it. All they do is put more of the liquid and sealant over their teeth to repair it. After it dries, the seal on their teeth will be as good as new.

Is a Sealant Safe?

Although sealants in Manchester, NH, may have BPA plastic in them, they are safe for kids to have on their teeth. The amount of BPA in the product is small, so it’s unlikely to harm your son or daughter. If you’re concerned about the health of your children’s teeth, call our nearby sealant dentist for an appointment to apply dental sealants onto their teeth to protect their smiles.

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